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Ass pic(; 


My breasts are back babes!♥ I’m super duper sorry about all the wait and not showing you guys my pussy! But I’ve talked it over with my man and he says it’s okay so expect that sooooon!


My titttsssssss! I’m sorry we haven’t been posting! We’ve been busy, but we promise we’ll be showing a lot of skin for you guys more often!



We have almost 200 followers in less than a WEEK!


Holy shit, you guys! 100 followers in 3 DAYS! That is amazing! Thank you guys soooo much! More to come and hope this keeps up!



I watched this happen on skype too! Fusk yes. In-thong ocean babyyy! Thank youuu Tarra and Brody!


Anddd this was on my skype lastnight! Can you say pussy throb? I THINK YES! 


My picture for today/toniteeee♥♥♥ TITS only this time because believe it or not I’m really weird about my pussy. Even though I really like the word cunt but I don’t like to refer to my pussy as cunt because I think it’s sexy but I also kinda think it sounds kind of gross? Whadya think? Oh well, HERE!


Tarra swears she has an ugly pussy! Tell her it is FUCKING PERFECT! I wish mine was like that!


Three cheers for my ass! Sorry I have clothes on I promise Ashton and I will have some but ass naked pics later on we just want to justify this with some face pics too!

Love & Tits